A Gem on the Botswana Border

Madikwe Safari Lodge, based on the border of Botswana, is one of the top Safari Lodges in South Africa, offering sightings of the big five, quality customer service and great local cuisine. Not to mention their ability to spoil you rotten!

Travelling Mystery Guest had the privilege of visiting them recently and here are just a few of the things we experienced:


Destination Marketing Photography

It’s a three monthly ritual now – visiting La Vie Lente Urban Farm Bistro in Pretoria East for destination marketing photography. Our last visit comprised of four different events, all happening at the same time, as well as some restaurant vibes. The mission was to capture a sense of customer experience. Let us know your thoughts!

Marataba Safari Lodge

It doesn’t happen often that you are greeted by a lioness upon arrival at a safari lodge and then waved farewell by an elephant when departing. Marataba Safari Lodge is definitely a must if you are fond of nature and if you enjoy South African safaris.

Here are a few shots we took during our visit there – it doesn’t do the experience justice, but we were still chuffed with some of the images we were able to bring home. You will also find more images on our Instagram profile HERE>

La Vie Lente Urban Farm

Just outside of Pretoria lies this gem of a place: La Vie Lente Urban Farm. Their slogan: Slow Life.

We had the privilege of taking a few destination marketing photos for them during a review for Travelling Mystery Guest‘s blog, leading to an ongoing relationship, allowing us to take photos of this venue for their social media every month!

Pictures speak louder than words, so feast your eyes: